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Coming soon... ideas and answers to questions such as ideal layouts of pool tables, game table rooms including foosbal soccer tables, poker tables, ping pong and more. Layout and design ideas for garden patio furniture, parasols, chaises lounges and much more. Stay tuned!

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• Is the cloth guaranteed?
• What is the best color cloth for a pool table?
• Why does professional cloth cost more?
• What makes professional cloth better than standard cloth?
• What should we do if we spill a soft drink or beer on the cloth?
• How many types of billiard cloth do you sell?
• What can you do if you rip your cloth?


• How much does a pool table weigh? Go to size & weight chart
• What is the official size for a pool table?
All our tables are built according to the standards and specifications set out by the Billiard Congress of America. (Go to size & weight chart). Pool tournaments are played on the 4½’ x 9’ size table and Snooker tournaments are played on the 6’ x 12’ size table. The best selling size table for home use is the 4’ x 8’.
• What type of floor is required for a pool table?
• How do you measure a pool table?
• Can a pool table be moved?
• What does the lifetime guarantee cover?
• How do you take care of a pool table?
• How much space do you need for a pool table?
• Glossary of table parts
• What are aiming sights used for?
• What determines the price of a pool table?
• What should we do with our pool table if we have to move into a new home?


• What determines the price of a cue?
• Which tip size is recommended for different games?
• Why are pool cues made of maple and snooker cues made of ash?
• How do you choose the weight of a cue?
• What are cue tips made of?
• What is pro taper?
• Which brands of cues are weight changeable?
• What is the linen wrap for?
• Can you explain the differences in tips? Soft, hard, medium hardness, regular and laminated.

• Est-ce que c’est meilleur de jouer avec une baguette un morceau ou 2 morceau?
• What makes a cue a professional cue ?


• What differences are there in the quality of darts?
• What differences are there in the quality of dartboards?
• At what height do you hang a dartboard?
• At what distance from the dartboard do you stand for shooting?


• Room dimensions for game tables;
Ping-pong, air hockey, dome hockey, soccer, Mississippi, shuffleboard


• What is the recommended number of poker chips per player?


• What is the recommended height for a billiard table light fixture?
• What size lamp is recommended for which size table?
• How to care for and clean lamps.
• Peut-on utiliser un éclairage avec des néons ou lumières encastrées pour éclairer une table de billard ?
• What type of bulb is recommended? Soft, white, neon for snooker; type.


• What is the difference in the quality of billiard balls?
• How do you measure a billiard ball?
• What is the standard size?
• How do I know what size ball I need?
• How do the practice balls work?