Be you an enthusiast, player or organizer within any of these disciplines;
- Billiards
- Darts
- Poker
- Table Soccer (Foosball - Babyfoot)
- Air or Dome Hockey
- Table Tennis (ping-pong)

Palason Games, Billiards & Décor is proud to devote this page to events which will be taking place in different regions.

Whether it be an amateur tournament, a demonstration, a fundraiser or other, we would be proud to publish any information about the event with the goal of keeping you informed.

To help us to achieve this we are asking all organisations, recreation and community centres, schools and merchants to send us your press releases detailing these events. Please send to: [email protected]

Palason Games, Billiards & Décor reserves the right to verify the authenticity of the information and to publish or not to publish the communiqués received.