Pool table cloth change, installation, repair and billiard table moving

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Pool table cloth change, installation, repair and billiard table moving are some of the main services we offer from our team of highly qualified professional technicians.
Since 1975, we've gained an incredible source of experience in servicing all types, brands and models of pool tables, traditional billiard tables, snooker, carrom, bumper pool and other types. From antiques, to modern or contemporary styles, Palason is by far the best and most reliable source for all your needs.
We provide many professional quality services;
• Pool table installation
• Pool table cloth replacement
• Pool table moving
• Pool table repair
• Pool table rubber bumper replacement
• Wood rail refinishing
• Complete restoration

Please contact one of the following closest locations to you, in order to schedule your
service technician visit OR click here to fill-in our technician request form

LAVAL T: 450-668-6000
ST-HUBERT T: 450-926-9925
OTTAWA T: 613-247-3349

These are the steps involved;
• Top rails and pockets are removed
• Old cloth is removed from rails and bed
• Slates are inspected
• Level is verified and adjusted if necessary
• New cloth is installed
• Choose from several options of cloth quality and over 30 color choices

Palason technicians can prepare your table for a long distance move. Our pool table movers are highly experienced. We can provide a full service preparation which includes one of 3 options;
• Dismantling the table, crating the slates and packaging all the table components
• Dismantling the table and crating the slates
• Or simply dismantling the table and leaving the rest to your moving company

These are the steps involved;
• A team of 2 technicians dismantle the billiard table
• Wrap and box table components
• Transport to new location and install
• Original cloth is reapplied

A technician will inspect your table and make recommendations for the repair or refurbishing of your table. In the case of an insurance claim we can evaluate the damages your table has suffered and submit a quote for recommended parts and service work to your insurance company.

Short or long term storage of your billiard table is available in our temperature controlled warehouse.

Pool table cloth change, installation, repair and billiard table moving - You can either do it yourself with our quality selection of products or have it done by the most qualified experts in the field - Contact one of our four store locations to schedule a visit.