Pool, Billiard and Snooker Cues

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Length, weight, material... The only thing we can't help you choose is the colour.

Pool Cues – generally have a 13mm sized tip, 57” length and with weights from 18oz, 19 oz, 20 oz & 21 oz

Junior Cues – shorter than the standard length cues, these cues for younger players will help them improve their game

Jump Cues – a jump cue is designed to help a player perfect jump shots

Break Cues – tend to have a flatter and harder tip to make the biggest impact on the break

Snooker Cues – typically have a smaller tip size of 10mm to 11mm and range in weight from 16 oz, 17 oz, 18 oz 19 oz (regulation snooker balls are 2 1/16” and are smaller than regulation pool balls which are 2 1/4”)

Pool cues available from our Montreal Quebec and Ottawa Ontario stores