Pool table lights and game table lamps

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For full enjoyment of your game room, invest in the appropriate pool table lamp or game lighting - different types of lamps are available to meet your needs.

Proper lighting not only helps you see your next shot more clearly but also accentuates your décor.
A pool table lamp should hang about 30" to 31" from the playing surface to the rim of the shade.

Recommended lights for each table size:

3' ½ x 7' & 4' x 8' – 48" minimum length, single shade or 3-shade lamp
4' ½ x 9' – 52" minimum length, 3-shade or 4-shade lamp
5' x 10' – 60" minimum length, 4-shade or 5-shade lamp
6' x 12' – 4 to 5 shades or even consider having two 3-shade lamps

CLICK HERE - Link to our page about billard table lamp installation ( How to install pool table lights )

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