Shuffleboard Tables

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The unforeseen rise of Shuffleboard game tables, a "renewed" old game.

What's great about Shuffleboard, is that while being a game of skill and precision, it can still be played by all. Young, old and disabled alike can play either for fun or even compete in a growing network of leagues on both National and International competition levels. Because of its narrow structure, this game that can vary typically from 9' to 14' in length, can be placed against a wall and not take-up as much footprint as compared to other popular games tables, such as; billiards, table tennis, foosball soccer and others.

Said to have been developed as a challenging pass-time all the way back in 15th Century England, by sliding large coins back and forth across a table, the game of Shuffleboard ( then called "Shove-Penny" or “Shove-Pense” and later "Shoveboard" ) became popular not only to children but people of all ages. After reaching a wide popularity in the UK, competitions developed and the game eventually found its way across the ocean with the colonies in North America through the founding fathers and soldiers in New England. Dedicated game tables were later built for use in pubs and wagers by patrons often made for liquor on this game of skill. As the game gained further popularity through New England, renown furniture makers created elegant, detailed inlay, luxurious versions of the game table to showcase their carpentry skills in order to offer them as an entertainment option for wealthy discerning customers.

By the late 1800's, Shuffleboard gained such notoriety and respect, that tournaments were covered and results published in newspapers as other popular sports of the time like baseball and boxing. By the 1950's the game had spread across the USA and parts of Canada with competitions sometimes counting well over 500 teams of participants. But because of a lack of uniform rules and organization, as well as other electrical arcade games rising in popularity in the 60's to 70's, this led to Shuffleboard's decline for a few decades. In the mid 1980's the game experience a new revival which further increased in the 90's and now has once again created even more momentum despite its rocky past and slow evolution. Shuffleboard tables are now a new favorite for office spaces, retirement homes, arenas, schools, condo developments and private homes.

Shuffleboard tables now on sale with delivery option in the greater Montreal and Ottawa areas, with over 12 models, styles, lengths and tints to select from .