Shuffleboard Tables

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The history of shuffleboard goes back to over 500 years...

Its origins of the shuffleboard table are still a mystery. In traditional game, commonly played on cruise ships and retirement homes, the players push weighted pucks using broom-shaped paddles down a narrow and elongated court. The goal is to make the pucks rest within a marked scoring area.

The miniaturized alternative table version of shuffleboard, which is the one we sell at Palason, is becoming quite popular among younger generations, especially in bars and pubs.

Shuffleboard tables used to be only popular in the U.S. for many years, but we now have a lot of demand for them from all over Canada, because they offer a fun dynamic alternate game in your room without taking-up too much of a footprint. You can easily place one up against a wall.

Shuffleboard tables now on sale with delivery option in the greater Montreal and Ottawa areas, with over 12 models, styles, lengths and tints to select from