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A dart is divided in 3 parts...

The tip, the shaft and the flight. There are 2 types of tips - soft tips and steel tips. Soft tip darts are made of plastic and are used with electronic dart boards while steel tip darts use bristle dart boards, commonly constructed of sisal fibres.

Darts are usually made of nickel, brass or tungsten. It is also possible to choose the weight of your dart, which varies between 12 to 50 grams but, you’ll rarely see someone use a dart heavier than 30 grams.

What you must keep in mind is that the lighter the dart, the harder/faster you have to throw it. We recommend that if you are throwing soft tip darts, go to the 14-16 gram varieties. If you are just starting in steel tip darts and do not have the ability to try out different weights to see what you like, start off with a 21-22 gram dart. Our last advice, and probably the most important one, is to try them out.

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